Design & Print

As an artist, marketing yourself is extremely important. Even in our days of social media, print is still a valuable, hands on promotional tool. Good design, good images, quality printing are all a reflection on you! You do professional artwork, you need to have professional promotional products. Whether it is a business card, postcard, flyer or poster, it is extremely important to have it well designed, and printed professionally. Bad promotional products are a direct reflection on you, and who you are as an artist..

Art Advocates offers professional quality graphic design and quality, competitive printing. Whether it is for you as an individual artist, or for a group, Art Advocates can help get your promotional materials designed and printed, timely and within reasonable budgets. 

We can help you with every step of your graphic design needs to help you have beautiful marketing materials that reflect your personal style and represent your work in the best possible way. Whether it’s digital graphics for online use or for print, we offer a large range of design services from custom logo design, business cards, postcards, flyers, posters, banners and more.


• Cross marketing is an excellent tool – so team up with other artists. 

• Carry postcards with you. Put them in places where the public can see them...restaurants, hair salons, spas, dentists, doctors waiting rooms...these are all markets your social media range would probably not reach. 

• Always, always have your business cards handy! And make sure they look GREAT!


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