Art Placement & Aquistion


Making an investment in art brings culture and life to a community or business. It provides a creative workplace  for employees, “gives back” to the local artists, and in many cases, creates art in public spaces for all to enjoy. Discovering just the “right” art and working within budget restrictions can be time consuming and daunting. Art Advocates provides the connections between artists, businesses, and non-profit events. Be it realism, abstract, sculpture, ceramics, etc., we know the artists and can facilitate your search for the perfect fit!

Purchasing artwork is sometimes not the right avenue, but there are options! Leasing or renting art for a short or long period of time allows for a changing creative landscape in a business environment without the commitment of buying. 

There are many ways to bring art into your world…and we are here to help make that happen!


Customer Engagement

Businesses that bring art into the environment report a positive engagement from their customers. The public enjoys seeing an exhibit of fine art from artists when they visit local businesses. Also, participation lets your customers know that you support the arts and are an active member of the local community.

Enhanced Aesthetic:

Local fine art elevates the customer's experience in your business. You can choose show themes to coordinate with events, seasons or overall look of your interior design.


• Connect with artists for your specific needs

• Help facilitate selection of art either for a long term installation or
    short term “art show”

• Help with installation and take-down of art

• Promote the art installation within your business via social media

• Help create  “art” events for a variety of functions


You decide - You can do as little or as much as you choose!

• Host opening receptions to invite the public and the artists to meet at your
    location. We can give you suggestions, but this event can be anything you like.

• Do special promotions connected to your “show” -  discounts, coupons or special
    offers and/or merchandise or offerings that correspond to the show's theme.

• Promote the show, and the fact that you support local arts, in your social media,.


Neither Art Advocates nor its business partners insure the artwork. We strongly encourage artists to carry their own insurance on their artwork if it is deemed necessary.

Contact us for for information on how to bring art into your business or home environment!

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