Galleries On Line

These are challenging times for a physical gallery location. There is no doubt that gallery visitations will be reduced in the immediate future and possibly for a while into the future. Art Advocates can help get your Gallery online, thus heightening your accessibility and allowing your artists to reach a larger audience.

We will create and host an online gallery custom tailored to the needs of your gallery. Each artist will have a unique image of their work and all of the information necessary for potential clients to contact the artist or the gallery (your choice) to complete a purchase. All sales will go through the gallery (or the artist, your choice) and Art Advocates does not take a commission. 

The link to this gallery can be shared on your gallery website, social media and by each of your contributing artists in all of their social media and newsletter postings. In addition, Art Advocates will help promote your digital gallery by sharing it on our social media and in our quarterly newsletter.

Images of sold pieces will be replaced within a one week period after new images is provided.

Contact us for for information and to begin creating your gallery’s
custom online presence!


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