Social Media Marketing

As the popularity of social media has risen over the last few years, marketing campaigns have seen a shift as well. Traditional print or media advertisements are no longer the only way to reach potential clients. Apps like Facebook and Instagram can be a powerful tool to get your art in front of a massive audience of potential buyers or curators.

Let the Social Media experts at Art Advocates give you a lively Social Media presence! We take the chore out of your promotion needs by creating and posting to Facebook and Instagram on your behalf. We will post to your own art pages and to our pages, expanding your exposure. No Facebook? No problem, we can create one for you!

We can also create custom videos to catch the attention of potential clients. People are much more likely to engage with video over text alone. Plus videos are more easily “consumed” than text and 95 percent of viewers remember video content over text or image posts.

We can create content for you or use content you provide. You decide how much help you need!

Our Social Media Marketing Plans are customizable to your needs. From 3-4 posts a week to daily posting, you decide what package fits your needs.


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